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Brand: In The Swim
Item Weight: 5.39 Pounds
Item Form: Gallons
Product Benefits: Contaminants

Powdered granular chlorine mixture that turns into liquid shock for swimming pools instantly upon contact with water.
Contains 73% calcium hypochlorite which effectively removes harmful water contaminants from your swimming pool, leaving your pool clean and refreshing.
Enhanced safety: Chloramines can aggravate respiratory problems, our liquid shock for swimming pools effectively rids your water of chloramines, ensuring a safe and healthy swimming environment.
Versatile: Ideal solution for spring openings, stubborn algae blooms, and regular maintenance for your swimming pool.
NOTE: We are currently unable to ship Instant Chlorine to the state of Wyoming due to State Restrictions

In The Swim Instant Chlorine Shock for Swimming Pools - Pack of 4-1.07 Pound Co

SKU: B008B9JNDMe4t6gfdsdef
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