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Brand: In The Swim
Item Weight: 5.1 Pounds
Item Form: Liquid, Granular
Product Benefits: Metal Corrosion,Ph Decreaser

In The Swim pH reducer is a great way to lower the total alkalinity and pH levels in your pool. A high pH level can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine, damage pool equipment, and erode swimsuits or swimming gear.
A healthy pH level is vital for your pool's overall water chemistry. Effectively managing your pools pH level ensures your water is refreshing and enjoyable all summer long.
Alkalinity in pools helps prevent sudden changes in pH levels. If your pool lacks the right amount of alkalinity, pH levels can swing from low to high or high to low. This is also known as “pH bounce”.
The ideal pH level for swimming pools falls between 7.2 to 7.6. A low pH level (under 7) can sting swimmers’ eyes, while a high pH level (above 8) can put swimmers at risk of skin rashes.
Our pH reducer is made up of 93.2% sodium bisulfate (dry acid), which is a safer way to control your pools pH and alkalinity levels compared to muriatic acid.

In The Swim Spa pH Decreaser - Muriatic Acid Alternative for Pools, Spas, and H

SKU: B07YZPNWDLe4t6gfdsdef
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